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  Allen Cattell -Washed Out

  Bape Escape - Hammer Head

  Big Lo$ - Star Wars

  Black Kray - I Feel Neglected


  Karmah - Intergalactic

  Lil Tracy - My Bitch Got a Bitch

  Lil Ugly Mane - You Ain't From My Hood

  Loochie - The Return

  Lord Link X Cryrax! - Stripper Cab Confessions

  Nephew Skywalker - Dolphins (feat. OGskii X NinoSkyz)

  Plvxid - Found My Flow (feat. Noname)

  SrfWaveAtn- 411

  Vohrtex - Jukai

  Voss Rollins - Personal Jesus

  Yung Xela - Houdini